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Depending only on perl-base instead of perl

I thought I'd raise this here to get some discussion:

What do you all think about suggesting that packages which only need
perl-base to function depending only on perl-base, not perl?

I've recently run into a situtation where this would be nice because
I'm making a relatively minimal root image, for which I've wanted to
include libparams-validate-perl. Unfortunatly, libparams-validate-perl
depends on perl even though it can work with perl-base, which more
than doubles the size of the image.

If this seems reasonable, I'd suggest expanding:

   Binary modules must specify a dependency on either perl or
   perl-base with a minimum version of the perl package used to build
   the module, and must additionally depend on the expansion of
   perlapi-$Config{version} using the Config module.

to indicate that depending on perl-base when it is the only dependency
necessary is desirable.

Don Armstrong

Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.     
 -- Robert Heinlein

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