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Re: Joining the Debian Perl Project

Luk Claes <luk.claes@ugent.be> wrote:
> Welcome ;-)


> Please have a look at http://pkg-perl.alioth.debian.org for how to
> become a member and the svn repository. Note that every mention of CVS
> is obsolete.

My understanding was that I posted to this list and somebody would add me to
the group on aloith. Have I missed something?

Sorry some of the modules I've listed have since been packaged. I guess it be
that the weren't packaged when I started using them. 

> Do you use all these modules? I would advise you to only package modules
> you (or someone you know) use as not all Perl modules are to be included
> in Debian :-)

I use most of them. Some are dependencies that I need for other modules.

> libcgi-untaint-date-perl
This is good for writing web apps where you want to read dates. I do this

> libclass-dbi-fromform-perl
I tried Catalyst and this was one of the dependencies. I quite like it and
plan to use it in the future. For some projects I've used CGI::Untaint and for
others Data::FormValidator - I haven't picked a favourite yet.

> libclass-dbi-plugin-countsearch-perl
This was a dependency of another Perl module I installed

> libclass-dbi-relationship-isa-perl
This looks like an interesting way to store relational data in a regular
RDBMS. I tried it, but although it works with sqllite and mysql it doesn't
work with Class::DBI::Pg

> libdatetime-format-builder-perl
> libdatetime-format-pg-perl
> libdatetime-format-strptime-perl
These were dependencies of code I was working on in my last job.

> libfinance-bank-barclays-perl
My bank.

> libgadabout-perl
I was evaluating ways to make charts from Perl and this was one of the

> libgeo-postcode-perl
UK postcode lookup. I'm planning on writing some interesting websites using

> libhook-lexwrap-perl
Tried this yesterday. Might be useful for writing unit tests.

> libhtml-sanitizer-perl
Used this in web applications that are expected to accept HTML posted from a
form on the web.

> libhttp-recorder-perl
Handy for building WWW::Mechanize scripts.

> libmath-symbolic-perl
I was trying to write a CPAN module for calculating income tax in the UK. But
I want to be able to make the calculation reversible. So it could take input
like 'annual salary before tax', 'annual tax paid' or 'monthly take home pay'
and calculate the other values.

> libmodule-corelist-perl

This is required by Test::Prereq, which I plan to use.

> libmodule-pluggable-fast-perl

Quite a few modules I've used have this as a dependency.

> libmodule-starter-perl

Useful alternative to h2xs for starting new modules.

> libpostscript-maillabels-perl

I'll probably write a replacement for this module because it builds US address
labels by default and the interface for changing the type of label seems
overly complex.

> libtemplate-extract-perl

A module for extracting data from web pages using Template Toolkit style
templates. I've used it a few times and it is a dependency of
WWW::Amazon::Wishlist which I'm thinking of packaging.

> libtemplate-plugin-fillinform-perl

Useful to combined HTML::FillInForm with Template Toolkit. I haven't tried it

> libtemplate-timer-perl
> libtie-persistent-perl
These two were dependencies of other modules I've installed. I could see
Template::Timer being useful.


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