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Bug#305604: ftp.debian.org: Please remove source package libdbd-sqlite-perl

Package: ftp.debian.org
Severity: serious

With libdbd-sqlite2-perl and libdbd-sqlite3-perl now in testing we can
now drop libdbd-sqlite-perl.  Please note that:

    * The lire package still depends on libdbd-sqlite-perl; I can
      prepare an NMU if required, the maintainer hasn't responded to
      several emails sent to his d.o address and Cc'ed to debian-perl.

    * We can't ship libdbd-sqlite-perl with sarge since it's not
      compatible with upstream.  Getting stuck a couple of years with
      that problem is something I'd rather not handle.  The sooner the
      package is removed from testing the better, since this would give
      me more time to react to bug reports and feedback from users.



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