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Volunteering, introducing myself

Hello folks,

I'm not quite sure what the standard procedure is for someone who would
like to join in, but it seems like an introduction would be a good start.

I've been working on and with Perl for a while, have contributed several
modules to Perl's core set, and currently maintain pod2text and pod2man as
well as a handful of Perl modules on CPAN.  I've been doing Debian
packaging for Stanford University for around a year now and have been
slowly ramping up to get that packaging effort into Debian proper where
appropriate.  We're moving towards Debian on nearly all of our
infrastructure servers and I use Debian on all of my systems, and
therefore have both a personal and a work interest in helping maintain all
of the packages that we use (and we use lots of Perl packages).

I've just filed my New Maintainer application and have been working
largely on AFS- and Kerberos-related packages.  My Alioth ID is rra-guest.
I'm interested in adopting libauthen-sasl-cyrus-perl, and also interested
in packaging:


(the latter is one of my modules, but is also a prerequisite for
libnews-article-perl).  We use all of these fairly extensively at
Stanford.  I've not yet filed ITPs for these packages in part because I
wanted to understand the procedures here first; if I should go do that
right away, let me know, and I'd be glad to do so.

I'm also packaging libafs-perl, but I'm currently doing that in
conjunction with the team that's packaging other AFS and Kerberos packages
for Debian.

Could someone let me know what the procedure is?  Do those sound like good
modules to add to the pkg-perl Subversion repository (and if so, how would
I go about getting access)?  Is there anything else that people would
specifically like help with?

On libauthen-sasl-cyrus-perl, the version currently in Debian (orphaned,
with one QA upload) is the version from CPAN.  This is significantly less
useful than the separate version maintained by Patrick Boettcher at:


I'd like to adopt this package, and in so doing I would switch to this
version of the module instead of the CPAN version maintained by Mark
Adamson (at least until the two packages merge, which is something Patrick
wants as well).

Any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Russ Allbery (rra@stanford.edu)             <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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