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Re: uploaded 2 new Math:: packages

I was looking at the manual for svn-buildpackage and there is a --svn-prebuild option that can be used to get the original tarball and convert its name.

In any case, here are the URLs for the two packages.



On Fri, 1 Apr 2005, Joachim Breitner wrote:


Am Donnerstag, den 31.03.2005, 17:23 -0600 schrieb Gunnar Wolf:
ummm... No, AFAICT svn-buildpackage looks for the .orig.tar.gz in
build-area. In fact, in the whole repository there is no single
.orig.tar.gz - what you have in branches/upstream/ is the contents of
the .orig.tar.gz, but not the upstream tarball itself.

True. I somehow expected svn-buildpackage to create an .orig.tar.gz from
the contents of the svn branches/upstream/ directories. Maybe it was
cvs-buildpackage that did that.

Well, if svn-buildpackage does not help, I would appreciate if people
requsting sponsors would include the complete URL to the .tar.gz they
used, so it's just a matter of wget <paste> and renaming it to conform
debian standards.


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