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Re: getting dh-make-perl working

Jens Porup dijo [Tue, Mar 22, 2005 at 02:55:33PM +1100]:
> I tried that. This is what I get:
> 	$ debian/rules
> 	make: Nothing to be done for `build'.
> The rules build target looks like:
> 	build: build-stamp
> This rules file is being created on the fly by MakeMaker and dh-make-perl.

I suggest you to run dh-make-perl --build My::Module, that will
give you the resulting .deb package ready to be installed. 

On the other hand, if you want to tweak something in the module
directory and rebuild it (i.e., you don't want just to use the
dh-make-perl automatization, but you want to base your job on it), I
prefer building my packages with debuild (you can find it in the
devscripts package).


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