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Bug#292754: O: libcpanplus-perl -- Download and install perl modules from CPAN - in a modern way

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I intend to orphan the libcpanplus-perl package. I've packaged it back
when i thought i would regularly work with it, but this didn't happen.
As it will probably be a part of perl 5.10, someone should try to work
with our users to find out what the best way to package it is.
I've implemented some ideas, but didn't have the time to really check
if it works in every situation like I think it should.

The package description is:
 The CPANPLUS module is designed to automate the download, make and
 install of perl modules and extensions.
 It uses the CPAN network to fetch all needed data and is also
 able to search for modules and/or keywords.
 CPANPLUS will replace CPAN in the 5.10 series of perl.

The last line is obsolete anyway, CPAN will still be part of perl 5.10.

There is a new upstream release available (0.51), but the diff to the
Debian package (0.49) is *really* big.


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