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RFA: libcrypt-hcesha-perl -- Perl extension for one way hash chaining encryption using SHA

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I request an adopter for the libcrypt-hcesha-perl package.  It is
primarily of interest as a dependancy of the OpenSRS client code for
domain registrations (see Bug#146456).

There are no serious problems with the package, it should be fine for
sarge.  Eventually it could use a Standards-Version update and a uscan
watch file.  A new upstream version is available but the changelog only
lists test changes for Windows.

The package description is:
 This module implements a chaining block cipher using a one way hash.  This
 method of encryption is the same that is used by radius (RFC2138) and is also
 described in Applied Cryptography.
 Two interfaces are provided in the module.  The first is straight block
 encryption/decryption the second does base64 mime encoding/decoding of the
 encrypted/decrypted blocks.
 The idea is the the two sides have a shared secret that supplies one of the
 keys and a randomly generated block of bytes provides the second key.  The
 random key is passed in cleartext between the two sides.
 An example client and server are packaged as modules with this module.  They
 are used in the tests. They can be found in the examples directory.


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