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Re: dh-make-perl: #254892

Allard Hoeve dijo [Thu, Jun 17, 2004 at 07:22:59PM +0200]:
> I filed bug #254892. It asks for dh-make-perl to add tests to the build
> target. Marc replied:
> > > Please provide a '$(MAKE) test' after '$(MAKE) OPTIMIZE="$(CFLAGS)"'
> > > in rules.{,no}xs.
> >
> > A $(MAKE) test is included before $(MAKE) install, though commented out
> > (in my experience, most tests included in CPAN modules are just broken).
> What do you think of this? Should we fix tests that are broken? Remove
> them? How do you test modules before releasing?

I second the other replies you have got. In my experience, most CPAN
modules test correctly. And anyway, if they don't, and if you as the
maintainer (and probably working together with the author) are not
able to get them working (and the module works correctly), it's up to
_you_ to comment it out - But the default should be to run the tests.


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