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Re: Bug#212231: libvorbis-perl seems to be either missing a dependency or a pm


I was looking into bug #212231 - libvorbis-perl suggests libao-perl
(which no longer exists in the repository), and contains a Perl
program called pogg, which needs libao-perl in order to be run, which
does not exist. I looked a bit under libao2, which is currently in
Debian, and no Perl module gets built. I tried to compile libao from
libvorbis-perl's upstream site
(www.cpan.org/modules/by-authors/id/F/FO/FOOF), but it FTBFS. And,
this being completely out of my domain of knowledge, decided to ask
you guys for help.

The three viable solutions I see would be:

- Try to get the upstream's Ao.xs to work using libao2. This would
  require some knowledge I do not have.
- Try to make pogg not require libao-perl - Does not seem impossible,
  but right now I cannot look into it
- Remove pogg from libvorbis-perl. That would be a shame, as this
  program seems quite useful.

Any takers?


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