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Fwd: perl java jpl in woody


I sent this message to debian-user but haven't had any replies. I'm hoping this is an appropriate list for the question. Please cc me on any reply; I'm not subscribed.

I want to combine Perl and Java - run some Perl code inside a Java
program. On CPAN, I've found something called JPL that appears to do
this. If I've read CPAN correctly, JPL is shipped as part of the Perl
5.6.1 release, so it's not available as a separate release (except for
an obsolete version)

But I can't seem to find it on my Woody system. perldoc fails for any of
the modules listed on CPAN, such as JPL::Class. There should be a
directory called 'jpl' but find / -name '*jpl*' turns up nothing.

So perhaps it is shipped in a separate Debian package? But I can't
locate one on the Debian site.

Does anybody know anything about how to get JPL working on a Debian
Woody system?  Any hints about whether it actually does what I want or
whether there are other ways to call Perl from Java would also be helpful.

Thanks and regards,
Dave Howorth

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