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3pm/3perl perl manpage naming policy

This confused me a bit to begin with but I eventually got my head
around what was going on. The Debian Perl policy document says for the
perl package itself (in section 1.4):

"Manual pages distributed with Perl packages must be installed into the
standard directories:

Manual pages for programs and scripts are installed into
/usr/share/man/man1 with the extension .1.

Manual pages for modules are installed into /usr/share/man/man3 with
the extension .3perl."

And for other packaged modules it says, (in section 3.1):

"Module packages must install manual pages into the standard
directories (see Documentation, Section 1.4) using the extensions .1p
and .3pm to ensure that no conflict arises where a packaged module
duplicates a core module."

That all seems fairly clear and sensible to me. I guess it's just a
case of educating lintian as to when it is looking at a core package
and when it is a separate module.


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