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Re: AW: AW: change timezone // Zeitzone dndern

"Stefan Schmidt" <UnknownX@gmx.de> writes:

> so i want to convert
> "2004-01-21 22:46:00" which maybe is GMT
> to
> "2004-01-21 24:46:00" => MET 

You should try Date::Calc (the swiss army knife date calculation module).

>From the man page:

        o "($D_y,$D_m,$D_d, $Dh,$Dm,$Ds, $dst) = Timezone([time]);"

         This function returns the difference between ""localtime(time)"" and
         ""gmtime(time)"", which is the timezone offset in effect for the cur-
         rent location and the given ""time"".

         This offset is positive if you are located to the east of Greenwich,
         and is usually negative (except during daylight savings time, in some
         locations) if you are located to the west of Greenwich.

         Note that this offset is influenced by all of the relevant system
         settings and parameters on your machine; such as locales, environment
         variables (e.g. ""TZ"") and the system clock itself. See the relevant
         documentation on your system for more details.



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