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Whatever happened to libweakref-perl?

Hey there everyone. I filled an RFP for libtk-objscanner-perl, which
depended on libweakref-perl.  When I originally created the package,
libweakref-perl was in the archive, but after I got my DD access, it was
gone (and I looked before I leaped). I looked through the removal logs
at one point, but didn't spot it. Any idea as to where libweakref-perl

If there's a problem with it, I have no qualms against withdrawing my
module, or maintaining it, if that's what it needs.

Any insight, or where to look / who to talk to would be much
appreciated.  I'm not subscribed to the list, so please CC and the bug
report with any replies.

Many thanks,

Jay Bonci    | <jaybonci@debian.org>
GPG: E0B8B2DE| 562B 35DC BE8D 7802 DB31  6423 64D8 790F E0B8 B2DE

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