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Re: RFS: libfilesys-smbclient-perl

On Saturday 01 Nov 2003 00:23, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Ok... the package as you uploaded it would miserably FTBFS - Instead
> of modifying Makefile.PL for correctness (which is always good, I
> agree), you should modify it to be buildable non-interactively -
> Instead of what you did to the Makefile.PL, I would first recognize
> that Debian establishes where some things are and thus:

<snipped patch>

Thanks; I didn't see that. Modified.

> Finally, on your last question (the '# Trace for debug' block): You
> should handle this non-interactively as well. You can control it using
> a shell variable (I would suggest using DH_VERBOSE, as you only
> specify it when playing with a stubborn package). This is a useful
> feature, and you should keep it, but in order for it to build
> non-interactively, I did:

That's a nice idea. I modified the Makefile.PL to check the value of
DH_VERBOSE too. Tested, works.

> ...What else?
> Please make your
> usr/share/doc/libfilesys-smbclient-perl/examples/smb2www.css file
> non-executable. I do not know... I am not sure the tests (01base.t,

It is non-executable. I've chmod -x 'ed every file other than the test
scripts and the configure script.

> 02tie.t and 03tie_perl56.t) are good examples. They are not written in
> a clear style for newcomers, are built to test for specific
> functionality and, not to show how to build a program. smb2www-2.cgi
> is a great way to show this.

Documented this in the README.Debian. However, I'm leaving the *.t tests as
they are, since they're provided by upstream, and if some advanced user
needs them, he shdn't go looking for the .orig.tar.gz. Right?

so the new packages again are at:



deb http://mentors.debian.net/debian unstable main
deb-src http://mentors.debian.net/debian unstable main

> Greetings,

Thanks Gunnar, you've been very helpful,
Amit Shah

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