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Re: Hash seed breaks 5.8.1 binary API; fix suggested

According to Nicholas Clark:
> At some point in the future I was hoping to set up automatic smoke
> testing of CPAN for this (build module with 5.8.n, check that it passes
> all tests. If so, then run tests again with 5.8.(n+1). If all tests pass,
> good. Else bug is assumed to be in 5.8.(n+1)

I think it's feasible to do this in a semi-automated way for 5.8.0 and
5.8.1 in the short term.  A human builds 5.8.0 and 5.8.1 on a given
machine, and has a script to do the process you describe for just those
two versions.

The question I have is, what list of modules should we attempt to build?
Is there a nice list in descending order by download frequency?  Do the
CPAN people keep those stats?
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