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Re: BOD: 5.8.1 is coming, have all Debian patches been shown to upstream?

Brendan O'Dea posted to [gmane.linux.debian.devel.perl]:

>>The list of patches currently in Debian perl_5.8.0-19.diff.gz are:
>>Seems like 60 patches is a lot to keep track of ;-). Thanks always for
>>your hard work, Brendan, and for the rest of Debian-Perl for supporting.
> Well, there aren't actually 60 patches if you count them.
The apples on my table aren't as red as my face right now.

> Note the gap in numbering: the NN_fix_* patches are generally back-
> ported from upstream or posted to p5p when applied.  These patches are
> generally applicable to any Perl installation.
Rational, logical, -- and inexplicable why I didn't catch on to that.

> I verified that all these patches were incorporated when RC1 or 2 was
> released.

>>  Also, [the selfish reason for this posting], I wondered:
>>I've been working on building my own perl-5.8 installation on Woody (stable) 
>>and would like to ask what ones of the above-listed patches are most 

> I would suggest the following:
>   $ apt-get source perl
>   $ cd perl-5.8.0
>   $ debian/rules unpatch
>   $ rm debian/patches/*_debian_*
>   $ debian/rules patch
> which will remove all the Debian-specific stuff.

Oyyy. That's superb. I actually *have* looked at "rules" before in different 
packages but it was a while ago. I just cannot help sounding fawning again: 
Brendan, the way you maintain Perl is an example to packagers everywhere, IMHO; 
and the way you give advice and answers to relatively clueless people like 
myself is admirably generous and clear. I am most gratified to have my worries 
resolved and my understanding enlarged this way.

   Soren A

Sooooo, tell me, my little one-eyed one: on what poor, pitiful, defenseless
planet has my MONSTROSITY been ... unleashed?
                     -- "Dr. Jumba" (Disney's "Lilo and Stitch")

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