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Re: Perl 5.8.0

On Fri, Feb 07, 2003 at 03:37:43PM +0000, Colin Watson wrote:
>On Fri, Feb 07, 2003 at 03:14:47PM +0000, Troy Leliard wrote:
>> I have recently upgrade to perl 5.8.0 and now have run into all sort
>> so of complications..for eg, apt-get no longer works (error is
>> below).. any ideas on how to resolve this.  It appears as though
>> apt-get is still referencing the old perl module (debconf/log.pm).
>You have a locally compiled perl in /usr/local, but you need to ensure
>that the Debian perl packages are still used when running package
>maintainer scripts, or they won't be able to find Debianized perl
>modules like those in debconf. Removing /usr/local/bin from $PATH is
>probably the easiest approach.

Note that the perl installation process also offers to make a
/usr/bin/perl symlink when the binary is installed elsewhere (such as
under /usr/local).

If that is the case, you'll probably need to do something like this:

  rm -f /usr/bin/perl
  ln /usr/bin/perl5.6.1 /usr/bin/perl


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