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Constant subroutine __USE_POSIX undefined (problem with p2ph?)


I do get lines like this when running a perl script:

> Constant subroutine __USE_POSIX undefined at /usr/lib/perl/5.8.0/features.ph line 6.
> Constant subroutine __USE_POSIX2 undefined at /usr/lib/perl/5.8.0/features.ph line 7.
> Constant subroutine __USE_POSIX199309 undefined at /usr/lib/perl/5.8.0/features.ph line 8.
> Constant subroutine __USE_POSIX199506 undefined at /usr/lib/perl/5.8.0/features.ph line 9.
> Constant subroutine __USE_XOPEN undefined at /usr/lib/perl/5.8.0/features.ph line 10.

I am currently trying to find out what exactly triggers this and 
how to reproduce it easily. I don't know that yet, but wanted
to seek for some help here anyway. 

The file features.ph mentioned in that error message starts 
like this:

> require '_h2ph_pre.ph';
> unless(defined(&_FEATURES_H)) {
>     eval 'sub _FEATURES_H () {1;}' unless defined(&_FEATURES_H);
>     undef(&__USE_ISOC99) if defined(&__USE_ISOC99);
>     undef(&__USE_POSIX) if defined(&__USE_POSIX);
>     undef(&__USE_POSIX2) if defined(&__USE_POSIX2);
>     undef(&__USE_POSIX199309) if defined(&__USE_POSIX199309);
>     undef(&__USE_POSIX199506) if defined(&__USE_POSIX199506);

I found some old mails saying a problem with "h2ph" which produces
above lines while it should do something else. 

What I would like to know: 
- Is there a way to work around these errors?
- Is this a problem with the Debian packages or an upstream issue?
   (possibly a combination?)
- How could the errors be solved cleanly?

I don't have experiences with perl upstream people. Any suggestions
whom to ask about it or which mailing list to visit?


  Florian Hinzmann

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