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Re: consider regression of perl!

On Mon, 26 Aug 2002, Jack Howarth wrote:

> Hello,
>     Considering how unstable perl 5.80 currently is, wouldn't it be
> wise to regress sid back to perl 5.60 and move 5.80 into experimental
> instead? So far this upgrade has done major damage to dpkg by breaking
> install-info making any additional glibc builds in sid impossible.
> I have also found similar bugreports in bugzilla of perl segfaulting
> in certain circumstances. With debian's heavy reliance on perl for its
> system maintenance scripts this current move to 5.80 seems far too
> destablizing for sid. Especially as it will wreak havoc with any move
> to gcc 3.2 builds.

unstable is as unstable does.

/me goes about looking for a Cheese of the Month Club, to sign Jack up for.

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