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Perl -Dusethreads the default for Perl 5.8 ?

I would like to have Apache 2.0 with the "perchild" MPM (when they
eventually finish it) and a "mod_perl" 2.0.  In order to build such a
thing, the libperl used to build mod_perl2 must have been built with
ithreads enabled, to make it compatible with the multi threaded Apache

Will you please, when you package the next release of Perl, enable
ithreads by default?  (Unless of course that causes it to be very
unstable; one would hope they do not release it in that state,

I cannot possibly be the only one who would like to have an
Apache2+mod_perl2 that will run with a multi-threaded apache2 mpm!

Another use for a -Dusethreads libperl is to build the
Sendmail::Milter modules.

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