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Re: how to handle newer versions of the modules in perl-modules?

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Alan Dorman <mdorman@debian.org> writes:
    Michael> Ideally, that new perl-modules would
    Michael> conflicts/replace/provide Storable, or do *something* to
    Michael> hint to people that they want to remove the old storable
    Michael> package to get the benefits of the newer one (since the
    Michael> vendor one would still be found first in @INC).  And this
    Michael> goes for all of the modules that are nominally bundled
    Michael> but also maintain a life outside of the main
    Michael> distribution.

IMNSHO, that's what the BTS is for.  Either file a bug on the external
package, or have packages that currently depend on it depend on
perl-modules instead.  Having perl-modules conflict with every package
that lives both within the standard perl distribution and as a
seperate code base puts the onus on the wrong party.


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