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Re: Bug#130476: libmath-numbercruncher-perl: fails due to bigfloat?

>>>>> "Dirk" == Dirk Eddelbuettel <edd@debian.org> writes:
    Dirk> Oh dear. The package now relies on Math::BigFloat (not part
    Dirk> of Perl, at least not 5.6.1) as well as version 1.49 of
    Dirk> Math::BigInt -- which is newer than the one shipped with
    Dirk> 5.6.1.


  perl -MMath::BigFloat -e 'print $INC{"Math/BigFloat.pm"},"\n";'

Looks like it's in the Debian perl package to me.

    Dirk> Comments from your end?  Would you be willing/able to
    Dirk> downgrade to a 4.02 version? Or would you rather see
    Dirk> Math::BigInt override your Perl defaults?

As Math-BigInt-1.49.tar.gz includes both Math::BigInt &
Math::BigFloat, why not just include that in math-numbercruncher?
Rename Math to Math_ and the new versions won't mask the installed

Alternately, you could just ITP libmath-bigint-perl :)


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