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Policy for .ph files in packages?

 Some background: 
 I maintain sendpage, which is now a perl program that uses the
 libdevice-serialport-perl package to speak to the serial port.

 The problem is, that when you install the packages, nothing works,
 since linux/stddef.ph, asm/termbits.ph, asm/ioctls.ph, linux/posix_types.ph,
 asm/termios.ph, asm/posix_types.ph, and asm/ioctl.ph do not exist.

 Libdevice-serialport-perl will not work without these header files.
 I've filed a bug report to this effect (#92948) to this effect, but
 to no end.

 I've not uploaded the new version, since I'd like to make sure this is
 done right..  Currently, in  the version of the package I'd like to upload,
 I include instructions to read sendpage's README.Debian to create them.

 Now my questions:

  Is this the way that this should be handled? I didn't see anything in
   the perl policy about packages that need ph files.
  I don't think my package should have to worry about telling the user to 
   create .ph files.
  If they were to be installed by libdevice-serialport-perl, would 
   asking the user if they wanted to generate the necessary .ph files
   in postinst be a satisfactory solution? 
  The best part is that libdevice-serialport-perl doesn't even build, I
   don't believe, without these header files..
  Or should perl itself provide the appropriate ph files?

 Thanks in advance for the guidance. 
 I've subscribed to the list, so I can answer questions if my questions
 aren't clear enough.

 Preston M. Smith <psmith@physics.purdue.edu>
  "The only winner in the War of 1812 was Tchaikovsky."
         -- David Gerrold

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