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another module name question

I'm getting reading to upload a deb I've made for Template Toolkit (I ITP'ed
it a while ago) but several other developers have contacted me and raised
some issues, one of which I wanted to throw out here as this is the first
perl module I've packaged.

Some developers have posted questions about the proposed name of my package.
I ITP'ed it with the name libtemplate-templatetoolkit-perl. Policy seems to
dictate that this would be the correct name to help users get at it right
away. The template-template is definately ugly though. There are other
modules with names that might support naming the package
libtemplatetoolkit-perl (and several that support my proposed) but would
this be OK? It also includes several execute so I've decided to follow the advice
suggested on the discussion on libglade-perl and have it Provide:

A developer who is packaging slash v2 needs my deb so uploading it soon
seems important and in about half a week I'm going on vacation for a short
bit so I'd like to have this worked as soon as possible. 

For those that know the package or saw the discussion on debian-devel, I've
been talking with upstream and have put off splitting off splash! into a
seperate packages until upstream and I incorporate some changes into the
upstream source in the upcoming weeks.

Mako Hill

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