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Re: DBD::Oracle package for potato

I'm no PERL Maintainer, but I used to work on ORA systems. I believe you need the ORA headers and libs before DBD::Oracle will build and link properly, so you'd have to package those inside (for it to work) as well. PERL would certainly choke if the symbols on said libs were any different than expected, but I imagine you already knew that.

I think the simplest route would be to get the package directly from CPAN and see if you couldn't hack out a source deb with alien or hte likes. Not sure about CPAN::Debian, but the standard CPAN module will upgrade your perl to 5.6 right quick whether you have it or not on a deb system, which will undoubtedly cause DynaLoader problems among other very ugly things.

On Tue, Mar 13, 2001 at 11:32:13AM +0100, Eric Smith wrote:
> Is there a Debian package for this perl module available anywhere?
> If not, please suggest the /simplest/ way to create one.
> CPAN::Debian
> dh-make-perl
> ?
> Thanx
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