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Re: [ANNOUNCE] automatic perl module building from CPAN

On 02/16/01 Mark W. Eichin wrote:
> dh-make-perl exists, but it is still fairly primitive (aside from the
> typos in early versions, it hadn't gotten more accurate than my own
> hand-hacked scripts did) 

If your scripts were much better, why didn't you contribute them to
the community? If you have feature suggestions or even patches, feel free
to contribute them, I'm always taking suggestions. If the major problems
you had were two typos, it doesn't sound that bad after all:-)
Care to elaborate what you intend for primitive? The script does
a lot of guessing, but it's not my fault there is no standard file format
in a perl package for all the info needed to create a passable debian
package. And I should add that guessing actually worked better than
getting the version from the CPAN module in the case of the Coy package.

> ... and I think something integrated with the
> CPAN module is a lot more likely to continue to handle CPAN
> enhancements... 

... if it is maintained upstream with CPAN.pm, maybe, but I can't see
why an external program (that tries to rely less in CPAN, or at least has
fallback mechanisms) would not keep up.

> in fact, my scripts started by running the CPAN code
> and using it to actually pull down, unpack, find author strings and
> such to populate the control file...

What makes you feel like I don't use CPAN to pull down and unpack a
CPAN module? :-)
Besides, the problem space contains also perl packages that are not
on CPAN and you can't rely on CPAN.pm to provide you the info in that case.

Uninformed opinions make me feel bad, but let's try to be objective and
compare the features of the two systems:

-------------------------------| Debian.pm | dh-make-perl
Handles architecture correctly | no        | yes
Builds also local packages     | no        | yes
Copyright information          | no        | guessed (in 0.4 just uploaded)
Uses latest perl policy        | yes       | yes (in 0.4 just uploaded)
Flexible override mechanism    | no        | yes
Gets the version correct in    |           |
the sample run                 | no        | yes
Uses CPAN.pm                   | yes       | yes
Integrated in the CPAN shell   | yes       | yes (look command :-)
Has typos                      | ???       | probably
Is primitive                   | ???       | yes according to someone

And, please, don't take the above too seriously:-)
I highly respect Joeyh hacking level (I wish I could be as productive
and have good ideas as him) and I'm glad he gave me some suggestions.
But in this case, my package just scores better:-)


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