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Re: perl 5.00{5,4} dependancies

Bernd Eckenfels wrote:
> First we need to solve the IMHO broken Alternatives Settings of those Perl
> Packages. They messed up my System more than one.

See the BTS, there are patches (#80143). Someone should NMU it, it's absurd
it's been left so broken for so long.

> perl-5.6-base is removing
> all the old perl alternatives and replacing the files of older versions in
> thepostinst. IMHO a policy violation at least.

No it's not, the alternatives system was broken, the maintainer of perl
is free to realize this and correct it. 

Well I haven't seen any informed or valid objections to me filing the
80-some bugs; I guess it'll do it tomorrow.

see shy jo, who is tempted to ask for policy chapter and verse

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