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Re: FWD: Re: ugh... erectile dysfunction (new errors)

I actually fixed this problem by purging all the perl stuff, then installing
it again.  perl -v now tells me 5.6.0.

The problem, as someone else pointed out, is in the Date::Dumper modules is
screwed up.  There is a version conflict between its .pm and its .so file.
I have no idea how this occured.  If simply replacing the .pm file with the
current version is all thats necessary, I would be greatful for someone
sending me that file from their system.  I believe its Dumper.pm.


Stephen Zander wrote:

> From: Aaron Solochek <leko@cmu.edu>
>     Aaron> However, could this be a problem?
>     Aaron> leko:/home/aarons#update-alternatives --config perl
>     Aaron> There is only 1 program which provides perl
>     Aaron> (/usr/bin/perl-5.005). Nothing to configure.
>     Aaron> leko:/home/aarons#apt-get install perl-5.6 Reading Package
>     Aaron> Lists... Done Building Dependency Tree... Done Sorry,
>     Aaron> perl-5.6 is already the newest version
> /usr/bin/perl should *not* be an alternative as of perl-5.6.0
>   rabbit% ls -l /usr/bin/perl
>   -rwxr-xr-x    3 root     root       684964 Dec  4 00:17 /usr/bin/perl
>   rabbit% /usr/bin/perl -v
>   This is perl, v5.6.0 built for i386-linux
> The fix is
>   rm /usr/bin/perl /etc/alternatives/perl /var/lib/dpkg/alternatives/perl
>   ln /usr/bin/perl5.6.0 /usr/bin/perl
> That does not make this any less a perl bug. :/
> --
> Stephen
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> therefore?"  "A witch!"

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