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Re: discussion on perl module packaging

> It seems to me that lintian will be run in two situations most
> commonly and other situations should be ignored as uncommon
> 1) On a central debian server where a full and current Contents file
>    is available.
> 2) On a developers machine where the perl module being used should
>    already exist (else how are they testing).
> So my suggestion would be to
> 1) Use a contents file specified from the conf file if it specifies
>    one.
> 2) Use local *.list files if not 1.
> 3) Print an error when neither 1 nor 2 contain the package.

case 3) checking debs outside of a chroot that were built in a chroot -- doesnt
everyone build in a chroot? (-:
case 4) the lintian maintainer trying to figure out why in the hell lintian
complains about *foo*

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