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Re: where is perl 5.6?

Brendan O'Dea wrote:
> As far as the mooted production systems which require a particular perl
> version are concerned, is there concrete evidence of this being a common
> requirement?  Any serious production environment would surely perform
> testing of their *entire* system before dist-upgrading production
> machines.  If unresolvable issues with a newer perl version did actually
> arise, nothing precludes them from building the older version in an
> alternate location.

I've certianly used production systems that had a local perl4 install or
so on for legacy code.

Thing is, I don't remember supporting such production systems as being
a consideration at all when we originally moved to supporting multiple
installed versions of perl[1], and I don't remember any complaints from
such production systems before we did that.

see shy jo

[1] The perl policy talks about wanting to "enable developers to have
    more than one Perl on their system", but not about production

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