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Re: where is perl 5.6?

After you install perl 5.6 like this. What I did was 
incase I needed to revert back, was to create a symbolic link 
from /usr/local/bin/perl to /usr/local/perl-5.6.0.
That way, I didn't have to modify any of my existing scripts.

Jim Lynch wrote:
> > Date:    Sat, 30 Sep 2000 01:37:15 PDT
> > To:      debian-perl@lists.debian.org, Darren Stalder <torin@daft.com>
> > From:    Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>
> > Subject: where is perl 5.6?
> >
> > Perl 5.6 was released on March 23rd. That's a full 7 months ago.
> Build yourself one in a non-PATHable place... I put mine in
> /usr/local/perl-5.6.0 so no standard paths would go there...
> But mine is built with multiple interpreter support and interpreter
> threads support, the latter of which breaks binary compatibility and
> the former of which does that plus is considered unstable, partly due
> to the perl folks' not having decided what kind of threads to support.
> I am doing a perl interpreter for aolserver, and decided early on to
> use perl-5.6. Brendan O'Dea has or will have perl-5.6 pkgs available
> which have been built to be binary-compatible with old 5.005.03 modules.
> Unfortunately, these packages will not work for my project, so I will
> be staying on my own with it. Very unfortunate... Branden is very
> knowledgable about perl, and I would have preferred he would maintain
> pkgs that would work for me. I appreciate that he occasionally gives me
> a quick hand with questions I have concerning perl internals. It
> turns out he is quite an expert.
> > In the meantime, I as a perl programmer, who is also a Debian developer,
> > and who prefers to use what is in Debian,
> I understand your sentiment... but that can't stop you from doing what you
> want^W^W^Wnecessary research.
> > found myself falling behind.
> > I wasn't able to investigate the cool new stuff in perl 5.6.
> With respect, yes you were :) With your experience, building is easy
> with eyes closed :) Debian has a finely tuned set of dev tools.  The C
> compiler always works due to carefully-authored dependency relations
> to libs and binutils that work with it. You can't say this about all
> dists for the simple reason some are not careful about libs.
> Perl builds without incident on debian. The perl that comes with debian
> is used by maintainer scripts, so it's not so easy to just replace with-
> out totally breaking the dist for (my guess) no shorter than two weeks.
> Rather than tie yourself to that process, free yourself and build one ;)
> > Some of it
> > is clearly stuff I can use in my programs to significantly improve them,
> > but if I do, I will not be able to put those improvements into my Debian
> > packages, since Debian still doesn't support perl 5.6.
> >
> > There was plenty of excuse for nothing being done about packaging perl 5.6
> > for Debian while potato was in the freeze, but that has been no excuse for
> > 1 and a half months now, and in that time I've not seen perl's maintainer
> > doing anything to get perl 5.6 into Debian.
> Is he MIA? I think I heard something about him not answering his emails;
> this note is addressed to him, so maybe with this note, we will see.
> > But just 2 days after
> > Debian's release, Brendan O'Dea stunned me by producing perl 5.6 debs that
> > dropped into a Debian system, and acted as the default perl without
> > breaking anything. Even better, they reverted the package name back to
> > "perl" (no more perl-5.005 unsightliness), and they have a very
> > intelligent way of using dependancies to deal with future changes in the
> > perl XS module API without requiring such ugly package names in the
> > future.
> Like I say in this note, Brendan is quite an expert :)
> > There's just one problem: They're still not in Debian, and I still
> > cannot make my packages use all the nifty new features of perl 5.6.
> > And I really don't understand why. I've seen almost no discussion of
> > them on this list, and I've seen no reaction from the perl maintainer at
> > all. Darren, are you still there? Doesn't anyone care about getting perl
> > 5.6 into Debian?
> Definitely... but because I know in advance that this perl-5.6 will not
> be built with multiple interpreter support (at least), the interest on
> my part is less than complete. I -have- to build my own, so I will do so.
> Not a big deal, except I'd have to show people how to do it...
> -Jim
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