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Re: Perl 5.6.0 Is Here!

On Thu, Mar 30, 2000 at 02:29:49PM -0800, Chip Salzenberg wrote:
>According to Stephen Zander:
>> >>>>> "Chip" == Chip Salzenberg <chip@valinux.com> writes:
>>     Chip> Well, I agree, _but_ who's to say that there would never be
>>     Chip> a build process involving, say, building some Perl modules
>>     Chip> for use with mod_perl?
>> Such a build process is *still* going to occur outside mod_perl so
>> hacking Config.pm still won't help.  What's needed is a way to
>> override MakeMaker's view of libperl, useshrplib & friends from the
>> command-line [...]
>Yes, I think that's a better way to look at it.  I think I had a
>glimpse of this view at the beginning, which is why I suggested that
>libperl.so be distributed with a /usr/bin/perl-5.6-shared.  Then it
>would be easy to build modules for use with mod_perl:
>    $ perl-5.6-shared Makefile.PL

OK, I've fiddling about a bit with static and shared builds.

I build the distribution with useshrplib=true and installed, then
re-configured with useshrplib=false and overwrote the previously installed
perl binary with that.

Everything appears to work fine.  The `perl -V' output is not strictly
correct, but both modules and embedded apps build and work fine.

This situation means however that all embedded applications are shared.
libperl.a is not installed at all.

If both libperl.a and libperl.so are required it gets a bit more tricky,
and a seperate archlib and perl binary as Chip suggests would be

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