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Re: Building .deb files for perl modules...

>>>>> "Raphael" == Raphael Hertzog <rhertzog@hrnet.fr> writes:
    Raphael> The problem is that the examples given should work for
    Raphael> binary and pure perl modules.

But, as you're document goes on to say, that still isn't enough.  You
still have to deal with INSTALLSCRIPT, INSTALLBIN et al.  Setting
PREFIX at install time puts the onus on getting the directories right
squarely with the perl package maintainer, where it belongs (IMNSHO).

    Raphael>  I tried other way of giving the configuration but they
    Raphael> always failed in one way or in another.

I only differentiated between pure-perl & XS modules due to concerns
about *.pm files ending up in INSTALLPRIVLIB.  Further investigation
shows this not to be the case as Darren (and Andreas Koenig, the
MakeMaker author) has Done The Right Thing with the declarations so it
Just Works.  The .pm files that have associated .so files get put in
INSTALLARCHDIR, the .pm files from modules that are pure perl get put

Of course I understand that this may not always have been the case, so
consider this a suggested change to policy rather than bald statement
that the policy is wrong. :)

    Raphael> BTW, it's only examples, if you find another way that
    Raphael> does work for your package (and that does the same), then
    Raphael> feel free to use it.



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