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Re: Need for /usr/bin/perl5.005

Chip Salzenberg <chip@valinux.com> writes:
> When programmers want to hard-code Perl versions in their scripts,
> Perl docs encourage them to write e.g. "#!/usr/bin/perl5.005".  Right
> now the only link has the subversion too: "/usr/bin/perl5.00503".
> I think that both "perl5.005" _and_ "perl5.00503" should be there.

/usr/bin/perl         /usr/bin/perlbug        /usr/bin/perldoc
/usr/bin/perl-5.004   /usr/bin/perlbug-5.005  /usr/bin/perldoc-5.005
/usr/bin/perl-5.005   /usr/bin/perlcc
/usr/bin/perl5.00503  /usr/bin/perlcc-5.005

If it were my choice to make, I would rather have a delimiter for the
version, as is the case in the current debian packages :-).

But I also would agree that if perl5.005 is explicitly mentioned in
the docs, then I suppose it's best that it be provided as well as---or
perhaps even instead of, in order to reduce confusion---perl-5.005.


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