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Re: ready to NMU mime-support if needed (was Re: It's time to do NMU...)

Brian White <bcwhite@pobox.com> writes:

> I've got it.  I'm just busy these days.

Ok, I've filed bug reports on all the stuff I found while preparing my
potential NMU (which I'm happily running ATM).

I understand and sympathize with the being busy part, but this
particular package seems to be causing a lot of havoc, and the sooner
this *particular* issue is dealt with, the happier everyone will be.
For one thing, they'll no longer have to remove Netscape.  Which a lot
of people are screaming about.  So I'll reiterate my offer to NMU a
quick fix.  Since you're busy, Brian, I won't NMU unless you
*specifically* say go ahead.  Otherwise just ignore me and go about
your business.  :-)

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