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Re: new perl policy and perl-base

Le Sat, Jul 10, 1999 at 04:11:33PM -0400, Adam Di Carlo écrivait:
> I *assume* that if I was depending on perl-base before, I should now
> depend on perl5-base ?  This is for doc-baee BTW.

Yes. But you don't need to depend on perl5-base or perl-base, because
perl-base was essential and now perl-base is still essential but depends
on perl5-base so that you'll allways have one of the perl5-base package
installed. The only exception to this is for binary perl modules compiled
with a specific perl where the package is of priority > to the priority of 
perl-5.005 so it cannot depend on perl-5.005 but it will have to 
depend on perl-5.005-base.

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