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Re: Problem with packaging of perl module

Hi there!

On 05-Jul-99 Raphael Hertzog wrote:

>Le Mon, Jul 05, 1999 at 02:52:52PM +0200, Florian Hinzmann écrivait:
>> to incoming at master. I will not delete it from incoming, at least
>> it does not depend on perl and works. 
It seems I mixed up two programs. The program I started to
test if libnet-dns-perl is installed correctly does not
use Net::DNS at all.

> I'm looking at the .diff.gz and I see some errors :
> +config = INSTALLDIRS=perl INSTALLMAN1DIR=$(TMP)/usr/man/man1 INSTALLMAN3DIR=$(T
> MP)/usr/man/man3 INSTALLPRIVLIB=$(TMP)/usr/lib/perl5
> +INSTALLARCHLIB = $(TMP)$(archlib)
> Those two lines should be only one. INSTALLARCHLIB=$(TMP)$(archlib) must
> be part of $(config).

Cut and paste and autowrap, a dangerous couple.  ;)

> And further :
> +       $(MAKE) pure_install DESTDIR=`pwd`/debian/tmp
> You must remove DESTDIR=`pwd`/debian/tmp, this information has already

$DESTDIR wasn't used anywhere and did no harm,
but I removed it now.

> And if there's no dependency that's because your package does not
> include any perl related file ! The only files that are in your 
> packages are in /usr/doc/libnet-dns-perl/ ...

Ups. I am looking for some place to hide right now. Argh.
You won't tell anybody about it, won't you?  ;)

> That's why I removed your package from Incoming. If you need the files,
> they are in ~hertzog/ ...

No, I don't, please remove them. 

Thanks a lot for your help! I am building a fixed version right now.

Done. But after fixing all my stupid errors one
problem remains: There is still no dependency in the
resulting .deb file.

Everyone that wants to help, please read my original mail.


  Florian Hinzmann               f.hinzmann@public.uni-hamburg.de
                                 fh@dipa.de, fh@debian.org
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