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Re: building new perl-versioned packages

	     No need to answer the post below. I am alread trying
to build a perl based package (pdl).  I am having a lot of trouble building
the package (probably the fault is with the pdl, not with the 
perl package.)   I'll post the results.

*John Lapeyre wrote:
>   If I understand correctly.  I can get perl-5.005 and perl-5.005-base, and
> install with dpkg --force-conflicts.  Then compile my packages (using that
> environment variable mentioned in an earler post).  Then I can simply purge
> the two 5.005 packages and apt and dpkg will think my system is OK again.
>   I don't think thats too much trouble, especially if having the 5.005
> packages installed doesn't break the system in the meantime, except that
> the package managers think its broken.

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