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Re: testing release of Perl packages

On 26 Jun 1999, Darren/Torin/Who Ever... wrote:

> Hmm.  For some reason, it wants perl-5.005-base to be on that line as
> well.  I'm not quite sure why.
> >apt-get install perl-5.005 perl-5.005-base
> works correctly.
> I'm not quite sure this happens though.  perl-5.005 should just pull
> perl-5.005-base in automatically.  I've cc'ed apt@packages.debian.org
> for an answer.  I've also included the appropriate lines out of the
> Packages file.

The short synopsis is that 'perl' is too important to remove, so it will
not do so without an *explicit* request. Installing perl-5.005 is not such
a request because it does not directly conflict with perl. Furthermore, at
least in my case installing this new perl causes the massive purgation of
many other perl-like packages, which makes it even more undesirable to

This is a bit interesting, I don't think it should fail like this, I'll
look into it a bit more.


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