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Re: Perl policy / Plans for the upgrade

On Wed, 16 Jun 1999, Chip Salzenberg wrote:

> According to Andy Dougherty:
> > It's just that on a philosophical level, a policy that says you
> > are not allowed to do something (in this case have 5.00503 and 5.00504
> > simultaneously) rubs me the wrong way.
> I agreed at first.  But given the number of packages that depend on
> Perl and Perl libraries, I think it's already Above and Beyond the
> Call of Duty to support more than one major version, never mind the
> maintenance subversions.

Oh I certainly don't dispute that!  Even if it were technically possible,
I imagine it would probably never be used or needed.  (I did label my 
objection "philosophical" :-)

    Andy Dougherty		doughera@lafayette.edu

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