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2.2 CD images appearing

The 2.2 CD images are available from cdimage.debian.org.

At present, I'm not happy about the alpha & sparc images, so until the
images get linked to the 2.2_rev0 directory tree treat them as
pre-release still.

The rest seemed to build fine though, and even if the alpha or sparc
CDs change, they will be pretty close to what's there now, so rsyncing
should be relatively quick.

Remember to use the -H option to rsync to preserve the hard-links
between the potato_test & 2.2_rev0 images, otherwise you'll waste a
load of bandwidth and disk space.

The full CD mirror now takes a little over 14GB

ALPHA Problems:

  tools/boot/potato/post-boot-alpha was not executable, so I'm
  rebuilding that now.

SPARC Problems:

  I forgot that the sparc build needs to be done as root (or at least
  fakeroot) so it can create the device files it needs, so I'll be
  rebuilding that next.

ARM Problems:

  There are no Release files --- does anyone care?

If you're not actually running a mirror, please wait until this stuff
starts appearing at mirrors, rather than going straight to
cdimage.debian.org, otherwise it'll never get to the mirrors.

If you are running a mirror, then please use the pseudo-image-kit if
at all possible, and if it's not possible then use a mirror that has
more bandwidth (like sunsite.org.uk for example, who already have the
binary-i386-1 and 1_NONUS images available)

If people could mention when they've got copies of the images, so that
others can start mirroring from them, it might help spread the load
more (cdimage.d.o is only a P166, so cannot stand too many rsyncs).

If things get out of hand, I may switch the password checks back on
until the excitement dies down, so if that happens, and you're running
a top level mirror, and you've not got a password, mail me.

Cheers, Phil.

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