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Re: name change

In article <[🔎] 5B4C5173F709D3119EFE00105A9CB8645C7396@exchange1.sensable.com> you wrote:

> does this mean there's good progress on the dist?

Yes.  This is not obvious by watching any mailing list or web site.   But, I'm
in frequent direct contact with the folks at HP, Linuxcare, and elsewhere
who are working on the kernel and toolchain... and we are getting *very* close
to building "real" Debian packages.

The toolchain has had a lot of attention recently, and lacks only shared
library support which should be coming shortly.  In the meantime, the folks at
HP have built a significant number of Debian packages in statically-linked
form, so that as soon as the toolchain is ready, we should have the core
Debian build dependencies in place and be able to start building.

More soon.


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