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Re: name change

Bdale Garbee said:
> At OLS, the decision was made to use 'hppa' as the architecture string
> for the PA-RISC port instead of 'parisc'.  The primary motivation is
> that the hppa name is what all of the existing uses of the GNU
> toolchain are based on, and being different for the Linux port just
> isn't worth the hassle.
> As a result, to meet the Debian expectation that the binary tree name
> matches the architecture string, I've renamed the ports page at
> www.debian.org, and am requesting that the debian-parisc mailing list
> be renamed debian-hppa.  I will report again when this is done.  I
> hope, and assume, that we can do this without losing the current
> subscription list, or list archive content.
> Bdale

At last, some excitment!!  ;)


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