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Fwd: Join The Movement - AnitaB.org Open Source Day 2021 on July 15th

Hello Debian Women and Debian Outreach teams,

We in press@ have received the invitation below about a one-day-hackathon including workshops for next July 15th.

I have had a look at their website and it looks like an event focused on getting people started to their first contributions to free software projects.

I have not seen how to become "partner project" so people could join the event to contribute to Debian, but maybe it's interesting anyway to spread the word, know possible contributors, or contact them for exploring possible collaborations as a project.

If somebody participates and would like to share their experience from the Debian perspective, we're happy to help you publish a blog post in bits.debian.org: see here https://bits.debian.org/pages/about.html how to start a draft or contact the debian-publicity@ mailing list.

Kind regards,

Laura Arjona Reina

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Asunto: 	Join The Movement - AnitaB.org Open Source Day 2021 on July 15th
Fecha: 	Thu, 24 Jun 2021 17:52:53 +0530
De: 	Taniya Seth <taniyaseth.sau@gmail.com>
Para: 	press@debian.org
CC: 	opensourceday@anitab.org, Rocio Montes <roxio.montes@gmail.com>

Hi there!

We’d like to invite the members of *Debian Women*to be a part of  the BIGGEST female-led movement in Open Source: Open Source Day (OSD) 2021 happening on July 15th, a FREE guided experience to open source exclusively part of AnitaB.org, creators of Grace Hopper Celebration.

OSD 2021 <https://ghc.anitab.org/programs-and-awards/open-source-day/>is an all-day hackathon (including workshops), in which participants of all skill levels learn about Open Source while contributing to projects designed to solve real world problems. Experienced mentors will guide participants throughout the day as participants take their first steps in Open Source. 

We are looking for people in all fields to join in on this amazing day! Here is how you can help:


    Ask your community to register to be a part of OSD Summer athttps://opensourceday.anitab.org/ <https://opensourceday.anitab.org/>. (Pst! It’s FREE)


    Learn more about the event at https://anitab-org.github.io/open-source-day/upcoming/ <https://anitab-org.github.io/open-source-day/upcoming/>


    Reach out to us if you are interested in having a dedicated representative to support your group during this event. 


    Share your support for open source and this event by posting on social media with the hashtag #OpenSourceDay2021

Email banner (1).png

Why join our open source community and participate in Open Source Day this summer?


    Gain access to women creators and maintainers to build your network!At OSD Summer you will be able to add amazing women creators and maintainers of open source projects to your network! The OSD community can provide guidanceto help you achieve your career goals, learn more about the industry or even help with job search!


    Contributing to open source projects can leverage your career! OSS contribution is an increasingly important skill to gain and having such contributions can set you apart from other candidates because they demonstrate your skills and knowledge! 


    Build your confidence as a developer! Want to learn a new skill or try a new technology? At OSD Summer you will be able to learn from your peers and experienced mentors, there to guideyou as you make your OSS contribution and provide feedbackon your skills. Additionally, our hands-on workshops can help you overcome the barriers of making open source contributions!


    Be a part of an important movement for women in tech.Currently, only 6% of open contributors are women. By participating in OSD Summer, you get to contribute code to projects led by women and be part of an important movement to support, empower and foster the talents of women in Open Source! 


    Your time, your way!Youalso have the flexibility to attend ALL DAY or choose to only attendany of our 1-hour workshops. Every little step will bring youcloser to the open source community!

  * It’s FREE🤯  That’s right! You get to build your network, learn something new and have a great time all for free!



*(OSD 21 Committee Member @ AnitaB.org**)*

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