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Help to Begin

Hi there

My name is Vamshi presently pursuing my bachelor's degree in Hyderabad,India.I knew bits and pieces of python, typescript, Django,html,css and I am willing to provide few contributions to the Debian projects can you please let me know the things that I need to learn more to get familiarised with Debian projects.

As a beginner to Debian I even have few small queries regarding Debian package management like what kind of Debian packages can we make (yup I knew it may sound odd but I failed in getting out the proper ideology behind packaging and I even found few making web applications with flask and describing about them in debconf this literally droped me in confusion of "what is a Debian package is at last?" And repositories of Debian packages on GitHub just turned my hopes on working for Debian go down )

Hopefully waiting for a reply and looking for a mentor to help me out in this initial chunk of my journey here ....


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