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[GSoC 2020] Week 7 Report - Android SDK tools in Debian

Hey everyone! Here's my report for week 7 of Coding period (July 21st to 27th)

This week was spent mostly with Gradle and Scala build tool. I tried updating sbt to latest upstream version. The currently packaged sbt is 0.13.13 and the latest upstream is 1.13.13. There have been a lot of changes. And upgrading it is not an easy task. I upgraded it using git-buildpackage and improved the patches. But I realized there’s bootstraping required once I read the debian/rules file from the initial packaging. I ran debuild anyway after installing all the dependencies. But it failed and I even lost the improvements I had made. Thanks to the git init command in debian/rules which I missed. I will have to study the sbt build process and upstream changes and then do incremental upgrades to sbt. But that will require time and it might not be possible to complete Gradle during the duration of this project.

So I decided to revert upstream commits in Gradle to the point before they started using updated sbt (Gradle 5.2) The files are as they should be in Gradle 4.4.1 which we have in debian currently and should build but they fail with the same errors. I will be looking into those in upcoming week.

An updated platform-tools is in pipeline which will build using AOSP build process and repos. I tested the emulator package too which should be uploaded by the time I submit this report. Core Kotlin is also done for and the plugins are only blocker now. All thanks to my partners Samyak Jain and Manas Kashyap. I am still grinding issues out of Gradle. And will be doing that until I get it packaged properly.

A blog on this week's work can be found at theloudspeaker.home.blog

Raman Sarda

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