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Can you help?


Hi there, 

I hope are staying safe by taking the proper precautions as we enter into confusing and troubling period as we watch a global pandemic unfold with this Coronavirus.

My name is Boris, I'm a member of the Community Outreach department at Rehab 4 Addiction which serves as an online resource to those dealing with substance abuse.   I came across your page, https://planet.debian.org/ where I noticed you deal with the subject of coronavirus and thought that my COVID-19 and mental health guide could be a useful addition for your visitors.

As I said, we created these educational guides to assist increase awareness and understanding of all aspects of coping with the stress of the lockdown and bereavement. With the current COVID-19
pandemic, many people who live with depression are struggling to stay afloat during self or mandated isolation.

Our hope is that this informational guide can be one of many stepping stones for those struggling and their loved ones to better understand their situation and lead them to find a supportive and safe environment, especially during the pandemic.

Perhaps you'd be interested in checking out our guide https://www.rehab4addiction.co.uk/coronavirus/mental-health-coronavirus and including it as an additional resource? I am of the belief that signposting this resource from the page I mention on your website above would be worth it if it only helps one person.

To draw attention this, you could simply add - 

useful guide about improving mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although, please do feel free to signpost the resource in your own words. 

I thank you for your time!


Boris MacKey

Community Outreach Manager

D: +44 800 140 4690          



Boris MacKey | Community Outreach Manager
a: Rehab 4 Addiction | 20-22 Wenlock Road | London
e: community@outreach.rehab4addiction.uk
p: 0800 140 4690
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