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[GSoC Report] Community Bonding (Android SDK Tools for Debian)

Hola Everyone, 
I hope everyone is safe in this pandemic going on all around the globe. 
This is my report about the work done during the community bonding period. We have already started with the project as we 3 students (Me, Samyak, and Raman) have been contributing to Debian from a long time ago. And, also to avoid any delays later. 

This report is to my contribution done toward the project. 
The following work has been done:- 
1 ) Worked on wala (updated the version to 1.5.2 ) 
2) Fixed the RC bug https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=955695
3) Worked on the stage1 of the updated packages Updated the packages to their latest  version (https://wiki.debian.org/AndroidTools#Updating_the_source_packages
  • android-platform-external-libselinux (Merge Request Made)
  • android-platform-external-libunwind. 
  • android-platform-external-jsilver (Merge Request Made)

     Currently working on stage 2 of (https://wiki.debian.org/AndroidTools#Updating_the_source_packages


    During this community, bonding explored in-depth about Gradle (which helped me in patching the latest version of wala to the currently Gradle version used in Debian)  and built AOSP tree from the source. 
    Attended weekly GSoC meeting. 

    Thanks and regards 
    Manas Kashyap

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