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Re: need some documentation links to get started with

On Tue, Nov 19, 2019 at 4:39 AM Manav Agarwal wrote:

> Hey there! I am new to the debian community and want to start
> contributing and wondering for some links to get started with. Please
> provide me some of them so that I may start contributing to the
> community.

Many people get involved in Debian through working on software or a
problem they are interested in, are blocked by for another project or
have another intrinsic motivation to work on. This is known as
"scratching an itch" and is one of the best methods to get involved.

An increasingly popular method of getting involved is through the many
paid and unpaid internship programs, most of them don't have Debian
involvement though.


Apart from the internships, there are a number of different ways to
get involved in Debian, both technical and otherwise:


If you want to help with packaging, installing and running the
how-can-i-help tool will find packages on your system that need
adopting or other help. It also finds tasks suitable for newcomers in
Debian services.


For more specific guidance the Debian mentors chat channel should be
able to help based on questions they might ask about your interests




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